Home, on a shady street, then library-bound

January 7, 2010

It feels good being back in Sydney.  Beth woke me up this morning (I broke my alarm clock the other night, so no more sheep and crickets in the morning) and we got a coffee at Scrambled and then went… fabric shopping!

I will soon have a beautiful new summery little black dress, minimalist, with the only embellishment being the construction of the garment itself – my favourite kind.

I was wearing a very cute parisian outfit this morning, a little black skirt and patent black flats with a stripey blue and white top.  I ruined this outfit before our day had really even started, however, by spilling coffee all down my front.  Never take the lid off your coffee in the car, ever.  A rookie mistake from a card-carrying pedestrian.

So after my delightful morning off (which also involved listening to Regina Spektor’s Fidelity on repeat, a delicious white peach, and reading Bolaño in the hammock with my cat for company), I felt entitled to wear my new, awesome Andrew Bird tee to work this afternoon.  Apparently this breaks a cardinal rule of concert shirt etiquette, because you are not supposed to wear a new concert tee for at least two weeks after you have attended said show. 

I went to see Andrew Bird play in the Concert hall at Sydney Opera House on Sunday night with Dave, after flying back from NZ that morning.  It was such a delightful show.  Tables and Chairs made my cry it was so good.  I didn’t have enough cash to buy anything at the merch stand, but I really wanted one of the tees, because they came in my favourite red and had a bird that is also an LP on the front, that reminded me of Charley Harper’s birds.  Dave was remarkably sweet and found the ten extra dollars in schrapnel that I needed to make up the price.  I adore that boy.

And that, my friends, is the extended story behind today’s library-girl outfit.  I don’t care if the hipsters say it’s too soon.  What’s so wrong with commemorating a wonderful evening?  Life is great.  A friend told me last night that he could tell that I was well by my syntax, and it’s true!  It feels good to be back at work.  Everything is wonderful.  This is going to be the year of productive and awesome.


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