The end of the week…

January 8, 2010

Tonight I am making… sushi!

I am thinking of trying eggplant sushi, although I have never made it before. I guess even if it doesn’t work out, I still have eggplant with miso to eat!

I am also a fan of sushi with pickles in it… never would have tried it, except for two lonely months when I first moved to Sydney working at St Vincents Hospital. Everything on Oxford St was so expensive, so I started buying lunch from this cheap little sushi place that had really gross sushi fillings (bad sushi is a crime, people). The only ones that seemed okay were the pickle and vegetable ones, and they were delicious. So I am going to go buy some pickles, eggplant and chicken on my way home. And then… let the rolling begin!


2 Responses to “The end of the week…”

  1. Inky-o Says:

    I am loving this little corner of cyber space.

    A very wise person once told me all you gotta do is ‘unashamedly LOVE YOUR LIFE’. Keep it up! :)

  2. I would say ‘you just want yummy vegetarian sushi…’ but know that you have better plans tonight!

    Come eight pm, I am sure that I will be loving my life very much.

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