I saw something flash open then lost it

June 7, 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts the last couple of months. The truth is that I’m really quite sad about the state of my life at the moment, even when I have no real reason to be, and it’s hard to keep a fledgling blog going under those circumstances.

If I was feeling better and happier, I think I would be writing more, even though the posts would probably be the same. I have been knitting a lot, and would love to post about owls and fibre and design problems. I would like to post about the bowl of quinces that I have sitting on a bench in my kitchen, and what I want to make with them. I love winter and all those wintery things like warm clothes and comfort food… but winter is also really getting me down.

I might try again. Posting might even make me feel better, in that it might remind me about all the things that I enjoy, and all the things I hope for. The slight autobiography that I intended to record in this blog is based upon desire, afterall. I tend to think that all crafty/lifestyle blogs are often grounded in some sort of proleptic wishfullfillment.

So no promises… I’m not going to say that I’ll post every evening or anything unsustainable like that… but when I hope or wish or long, or when I just simply appreciate (this last would be the best outcome of all), I will try and bring it and share it here.


2 Responses to “I saw something flash open then lost it”

  1. Inky-o Says:

    Thank you. Today has been a(nother) tough one and your honesty and reflection has been it a little more easier.

    <3 right at you!

  2. Niki Says:

    You are back! Hoorah! But I’m sorry that the winter blues have come your way. I hope they go away real soon, because I would love to hear about quinces and knitting and definitely owls! So for now I will make you some spicy hot soup, because that might warm you up all the way through and make you smile like the summer sun again real soon.


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