In which our heroine imagines that she is a 1930s starlett

July 7, 2010

A while back I bought some black, highwaisted, widelegged pants from retrospec’d. It was a bit silly of me, because they are really high waisted, and really wide legged and should probably be worn with heels. But I was in a Greta Garbo mood when I bought them, and wanted to be elegant and frosty. The fact that I have no dinner parties or soirees to go to is a moot point.

I never wear heels, and for a while was imagining that I could take them up and transform into a gamine, ballet flats-clad naif. But I tried them on in the weekend with flat shoes and decided that this was never going to work. Besides, I masquerade as a gamine naif most of the week, so it would be nice to dress up on the weekend now and then and try something different.

It turns out that my only heeled shoes are a pair of beautiful vintage lace-up tap shoes, which tend to look ridiculous with anything other than very short skirts.

So… Plan C. Buy Espadrilles.

Which seem playful. The kind of thing you wear in sunshine, in company. I can’t wait for them to arrive!


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