walking away from new purchases…

September 30, 2010

It’s a good time of year to go shopping. Actually, it’s a very bad time of year to go shopping – because the weather is beautiful and demands new sartorial choices, but it’s been long enough since last summer that I can’t remember what clothes I own. I know I own a lot of beautiful clothes… so why am I not wearing them? Why I am wasting my time going into stores and looking at clothes I don’t even really like?

So I’ve been trying very hard not to buy new clothes, and to instead unpack properly and organise the clothes I do have. Blessed is the time when you are alone in your beautiful house and have the space and peace to mooch around doing just this. Last night I went through lots of boxes and suitcases and piles, and found lots of old favourite clothes that I just adore… even if some are starting to look a little shabby. I also went through boxes of fabric and sewing patterns… thinking about what I can make myself. I’m thinking that some of my things need updating or altering… but that’s probably preferrable to just buying new clothes… and aesthetically, peacefully and utilitarianly satisfying as well.

This cardigan revamp by Kristena Derrick at thimbly things is my number one inspiration at present. I have some beautiful scraps of Liberty Tana Lawn that I think would make lovely birds… and lots of fine merino knits that are developing little holes. I’ve been thinking about reinforcing beautiful fabrics to make patches for a couple of years now, ever since shim + sons did it on some childrens’ tshirts… but could never work out how to make it sophisticated and minimalist, rather than cutesy. But Kristena has nailed it. Sew covetous.


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