Girl in Papatowai

January 8, 2012

One of my favourite places in the entire world is a place called Papatowai in the Catlins, south of Dunedin. We spent Easters there when I was a child, and I still love to visit whenever I go back to New Zealand.

papatowai estuary

This part of the South Island coast has rock pools and tide pools, an estuary that drains out at low tide, South Island Rata that hang low over the sand and old growth Totara. It’s one of those places that you go to stay and not leave. Just get out your map, drawn a circle around where you are staying and go out explore a very small part of the world – climb your way around rock pools, walk up and down the coast, wander across the estuary in zig zags like the spoon bills that live there, sit inside by the fire.  Eat good food, go to sleep and then get up and do it all again.

Here’s a map of Papatowai that my Dad drew me last time we visited New Zealand, with all his favourite exploring places.


3 Responses to “Girl in Papatowai”

  1. niki Says:

    I want to go here, this sounds lovely!

  2. Jenn Says:

    If you are ever in the South Island, I’ll hook you up! Dave and I are going down there next week. This week we are at my parents place, helping herd the very tame sheep – they will stand in front of you and eat out of your hands!

    Love your new blog xx

  3. kaf Says:

    your dad drew the map to scale!


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