Sewing a Travel Wardrobe

February 2, 2013

wiksten tank

It can be nice having something gorgeous to wear when you are traveling.  Clothes are our shelter, but in the absence of a home or place to rest, they can also help remind us of who we are.  Travel clothes need to be practical, however.  They have to be lightweight, versatile, easy to wear with almost anything, and okay to get a little crumpled.

I had this in mind recently when I sewed my new favourite top – a Wiksten tank in a lovely Liberty print.  It’s the perfect summer top.  It goes well with shorts, jeans and loose pants, but can also be worn tucked into a high waisted skirt or pants.  It looks lovely under a cardigan or a blazer and could also been worn pinny-style over a merino base layer in winter. It will need an iron occasionally, but if it gets a little crumpled I can hang it in the shower with me to smooth out the wrinkles.

But most importantly, it makes me feel really pretty.


2 Responses to “Sewing a Travel Wardrobe”

  1. baidanbi Says:

    Great idea. I’ve always loved Liberty prints.

  2. I think one of the wonderful things about sewing your own clothes is that you get exactly what you want – no horrid prints. Creating a travel capsule wardobe that is “perfet” becomes easier. Have you considered the following:
    * Sewing in extra pockets
    * Making a reversible skirt
    And do you know about Safe-T-Pockets? Some of the designs are scary, but others can definately be made more modern! The wear-with-all jacket has the potential to be nice.

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