Mexican Wedding

June 16, 2013

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If you are ever invited to a wedding while you are traveling – by family, friends, a stranger you met on a long train ride – I would strongly recommend graciously accepting the generous hospitality and enjoying what is bound to be an unrepeatable cultural experience.

Weddings carry so much cultural significance, from the ceremony to the clothes that people wear, not to mention the food.  But we all know that weddings are also often an excuse for a good party.  I was lucky enough to attend a wedding in Ensenada with a friend recently and learned a lot about Mexican food and culture, not to mention how wonderful Mexican hospitality can be.  At a wedding where I knew almost no one, everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  It was a night to remember.

Things I didn’t know about Mexican Weddings:

Girls wear beautiful flowing floor length gowns in bright colours

When everyone hits the dance floor at the reception, they are all wearing novelty hats provided by the band – blow up cactus hats, giant sombreros, and later in the evening maracas and aprons (the men wear the aprons)

The bride graciously offers all her guests chacos (flip flops) to change into as the evening moves along – so you can rescue your aching feet from their high heeled confines

If you stay on the dance floor long enough, eventually someone will come round with a bottle of tequila and try and pour some down your throat

Even when you have eaten a delicious three course meal earlier in the evening, a taco stand will inevitably open at midnight (I’m not sure which was more delicious, my midnight quesadilla or the post-wedding swordfish tacos cooked by the bride’s brother the next day).

Thank you very much to Davide and Claudia for inviting me to their wedding, the lovely Rocha family of Vinas de la Erre, and all my new friends from Mexicali.


One Response to “Mexican Wedding”

  1. Katrina Zaat Says:

    Jesus, that second photo. What a wonderful experience (um, not least the dancefloor tequila distribution).

    I just went to a really charming country wedding outside Liverpool. Every detail thoughtful and gracious. In a proper Arts and Crafts movement mock-Tudor church – I’m told they’re quite rare. And the dodgy parish organist there to drone us woozily into the start of every verse of every hymn – “Aaaaaaaaaaaaawake my soul and with the sun…” And all the groomsmen, including my date, in THE DAPPEREST three-piece tweed suits. The dapperest.

    Love a good wedding.

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