Things I like to read, in no particular order…

Science Fiction (not so much into Hard SF, but social SF that speculates on ways the world could work… like Ursula Le Guin, Kim Stanley Robinson and social meets tech SF like William Gibson and Neal Stephenson), character driven Historical Fiction (Pat Barker, Hilary Mantel, Dorothy Dunnett, and some SF hybrids – Neal Stephenson, Guy Gavriel Kay, Connie Willis, Kage Baker), Geographical Theory (David Harvey, Doreen Massey, Yi Fu Tuan, Mike Davis), Speculative Non Fiction (Jared Diamond, Alan Weisman, Oliver Morton), Contemporary Fiction (David Mitchell, Jennifer Egan, Russell Hoban, Michael Ondantje), Contemporary Romance (Jennifer Crusie and Kristan Higgins) and Poetry (Anne Carson, Allen Curnow, James K Baxter, Ted Hughes, Wallace Stevens)

What I read in 2011

What I read in 2012

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