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Travel Knitting

May 24, 2013

2013-03-13 07.52.31

Travel knitting requires small projects for small moments.  Something tricksy enough to not bore you, but that won’t get totally ruined if you forget which row or where in the row you are.  I’m often grateful for a piece of knitting that I can pick up while I’m waiting for a friend or host to get ready, or while waiting for a ride.  Mostly though, having something interesting to knit makes those long bus and train rides bearable.  And you end up with something new and beautiful to wear, enhancing your minimal travel wardrobe and bringing you daily joy.

I carry a little knitting kit with me when I’m on the road: a couple of different sizes of double pointed needles, a needle gauge, a little tin with a few stitch markers, safety pins, a tapestry needle and a decent sized stitch holder, a notebook for keeping ideas and notes, a paper copy of a favourite sock pattern (normally Nancy Bush’s Fox Faces Socks) and enough fingering weight wool for one tiny project.  Don’t take more yarn than you need – traveling is an excellent way to add to your yarn stash.  So many yarn stores to visit, so little time.


scarf watch

March 1, 2010

I should know when it gets cold in Sydney.  I’ve lived here for five years.  But I find my (perhaps not so) intuitive sense of when the seasons change is never accurate.  There’s something about growing up in a cold, dreary place and dreaming about warm sunshine that makes you really tuned to seasonal changes.  Sydney is different, though.  And I am hanging out for winter.

So what I do is watch for girls wearing scarves on the train platform in the morning.  There is this day when, for some unknown reason, all the girls are wearing scarves.  It is one of those strange mysteries of the universe, how they all know that it is scarf day and that winter is about to begin.

I know we have at least another month of hot weather ahead of us, but I am pleased to report that I saw 3 (three!) scarves this morning: a beautiful electric blue lace shawlette, a daggy burberry style plaid wool number, and a very very nice grey scarf.

So soon, ladies (and gents, if you are scarf inclined)… it will be time.  I am not about to follow these bellwethers just yet, but I will be watching!

They got the heating right at work today, it is so nice and cosy.  I love being at work in winter.  It makes me happy. The library is my little coccoon.

And I am thinking about knitting a nice cosy jumper!  I will post photos of the patterns I am looking at when I get home, because while my workplace may be cosy, they have this new annoying policy that means I can’t upload photos at work.  Which puts a serious dent in my blogging.